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A webpage for you that are young and live in Kungsbacka!

It was time for the youngsters in the Kungsbacka Municipality to have a virtual place to be on. Previously Ung i Kungsbacka was just a blogg, but Kungsbacka wanted to have more virtual interaction, have gathered subpages and more functionalities, which the new web portal that Maverick built and developed for Kungsbacka.se offered.

Ungikungsbacka.se is a web place where you find tips and news about the leisure activities for people between 13 and 25. You can find out here which event is happening, read stories or news about what the other youngsters do with their free time. Evidently, the website is responsive. An important part of it is about how the youth can make their voices heard, get involved and influence.

Kungsbacka offers good support and tools that allow young people to start running their own projects which the municipality can then finance. All this information is gathered in one place.

Maverick developed the structure of the website via a workshop together with Kungsbacka´s youth department. This way one could cost-effectively choose the sections of the web platform that suited precisely their needs.

Maverick was responsible both for the ideas and the conceptualisation of the web portal. Aiming at attracting a younger target group, the new website got its new own photo features, own fonts and specially selected colours inspired from the graphic design of Kungsbacka.se. It was very important to find pictures that were in line with their operations` values, such as their work with the Children Convention – All children have the same rights and similar values. Nobody should be discriminated. Among other things we showed the perspective visually that boys can sew and girls can be DJs.


Design concept, graphic design, illustration, created photo bank, structural analysis and new html templates in the web platform.


EpiServer 7
Google Analytics
Integration with Facebook


Read about Kungsbacka.se to get a full picture of the communications and web platforms that we based our work on for developing this website.