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Right person for the right job – competence-recruiting at the Swedish courts

Maverick produced a webinar for all those who worked with recruiting at the Swedish courts. The training gave basic knowledge on understanding how the knowledge-based recruiting works. It is about a method of recruiting. Those who will use the method will know what to do, why and in which order. Research shows that the interviews held with this method give the best insights into how a person will perform at a future job.

The target groups of this training were management and human resources personnel. In order to find out the most important target group, we started with a proper target group analysis which we realised together with the Swedish courts. They had clear common denominators such as that they are accurate, logical, analytical, and they wanted to know why they should attend the training. The challenge was therefore to motivate users to go to training.

Then we worked with personas, i.e. imaginary characters. This was based on the actual knowledge of the real users, their goals, motivations and behaviour. This work laid the foundation for our pedagogical approach, structure and setup. The result was a coherent training from A to Z, having the possibility to navigate through the training via a quick menu. The quick menu makes it easy for those who want to go back and repeat selected parts.

The training follows a filmed main character, a job seeker that varied from photos to animation. We created the opportunity for reflection through open questions and facts put in a thought-provoking manner.

One of the main aspects was to produce the graphic concept, which should raise interest, be professional and modern. We were inspired by the newly built courthouse in Jönköping and its typical architecture. A new and fresh palette of colours, high contrasts with clean lines from fine materials such as wood and stone. It should also exude history and knowledge. For the animated environments we used details of classic works of art and furniture in order to balance the new and the old.


Pedagogical approach, idea and concept, target group analysis, scripts, graphic features, design, project management, illustration, development, photography, animation, film and production.


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