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With our campaigns we helped Minpension.se with its digital presence


The target group affects how to communicate and how to be noticed at an event or in the social media buzz. Maverick by Sigma has helped Min Pension with several campaigns.

How to stick out with a pension in Almedalen?

One way could be to stick your head in the sand, and do it literally! Maverick by Sigma’s mission was to develop Min Pensions’ digital presence and drive traffic to the website by creating curiosity in Almedalen, via social media and then when registering on Minpension.se. Our long-term collaboration with Min Pension as digital agency extends from strategic consulting, to concept and campaign development.

Do not hide your head in the sand

Since in Almedalen a lot happens at the same time, unusual methods are needed to get the communication noticed. An important purpose of Min Pension is to get people to think about and engage with their pension. Our solution was to show that people would rather hide their heads in the sand than think about their retirement. And we showed it can be quite fun. We produced paperboard signs in the real size of a woman and a man standing upside down with their heads in the sand. The signs were placed in Visby with text messages inviting to visit the Facebook campaign.

The campaign page had a counter showing in real time the number of new registrations on Minpension.se. Moreover,  it included a contest, animations, music with birdsongs. Representatives from Min Pension wore branded T-shirts and handed out pins and information about the contest at their seminars in Visby.

Grow your pension

At another occasion in Almedalen Min Pension promoted their gardening book on the subject pension. The challenge was to reach the most concerned target group that should have an interest in retirement, namely, women aged between 30 and 45. We developed a concept of a cultivation theme because gardening and pensions have much in common. Using the symbolism of gardening tips and the information about pensions, we de-dramatized the pension issues. A potted plant, growing plants on the balcony or a full-size garden need both knowledge, patience and planning.
The campaign consisted of both printed and digital materials. An important part of the campaign was a photo contest with #odlapension (grow your pension) on Instagram aimed at to engaging and driving the visits between the channels. We produced printed material such as a roll-up banner stand, contest cards and packets of sun flower seeds to share in Almedalsveckan.  We created a digital promotional package for the website together with an embedded publication to browse the gardening book online. Then all their social channels were updated with uniform covers and photo materials.

Continued cooperation

As Min Pension´s digital agency, we work continuously with campaigns to reach new and existing users. Sometimes just to support producing a jingle to a podcast or a banner material to Min Pension´s partners.


Workshop, idea and concept, copy, digital strategy, illustration, production, photography, banners, advertisements, print production, web development, audio production and animation.


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Read more about our long-term cooperation with developing Minpension.se. Or why not listen to one of the podcast episodes of #Minpensionspodden on SoundCloud?