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An intranet for socialize and more efficient working

Mölnlycke Health Care wanted to renew their intranet by adding social features. This would make the intranet more user friendly and also give the ability to reach out to all employees worldwide at the same time.

Mölnlycke Health Care decided to start from the beginning, both with the technical solution and user interface of the intranet. Maverick by Sigma started by interviewing the target groups to be able to find a solution depending on wishes and needs. By implementing social features, e.g. status updates and the possibility to make comments, the intranet became more than only an information site. For the technical solution we implemented both Sharepoint 2013 and EpiServer 7, as well as an upgrade of the entire user interface.

The social features are currently acting as one of the most important digital channels for Mölnlycke Health Care.  All employees worldwide are now able to create virtual networks and have the possibility to follow each other on Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. Now, as a social digital meeting place related to work.

As another great result, the intranet does not only make it easier to share information and knowledge, it also makes it easier to solve common issues. The employees are able to find people within the organization with specific skills, discuss different topics or to be inspired by other colleagues.

The intranet has become one of the main channels for internal communication. Due to their growth, the expectations from both owners, customers and employees have increased. The terms of a good internal communication has become very important.

The intranet has increased the working efficiency and supports the possibility to reach out to all employees worldwide at the same time. It’s really appreciated by the users and also raises the engagement of the employees.


User reasearch, user interface, technical solutions


Sharepoint 2013
EPiServer 7


Mölnlycke Health Care