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New design and improvements of a graphic profile

Minpension.se is a website where anyone who has earned pension in Sweden can get an overall picture of their pension scheme. With this unique partnership between the state and the pension companies linked by Minpension.se, Sweden is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to being able to provide its citizens information about their entire pension plan.

The brand makes a fresh start
Sigma has been involved in this project since it started in 2004 and has developed the pension portal. Several versions of the website have followed since. When the CMS platform of Minpension.se was about to be replaced, Min Pension decided to refine the brand and its position in the business. Maverick by Sigma participated in the production process of their new  brand platform and renewed the visual identity. At the same time Min Pension wanted to renew the web design. Min Pension challenged us and let a couple of agencies join in for a pitch. Maverick by Sigma was commissioned as our proposal managed to zero in on what My Pension wanted to accomplish.

The challenge
The website may seem quite simple with little content. However it is developed with complex technology with many formulas and a lot of data. This service requires high security as the information needs to be accurate. Minpension.se has over 2.5 million registered users. This places great demands on usability and the accessibility.

The website aims at increasing the knowledge about the pension system, changing the attitude regarding the brand and increasing awareness of Minpension.se. The target group consists of all those who earned pension in Sweden. But our focus group is women younger than 50. To reach this group, the website should provide a feeling of security and simplicity.

The design was based on the new identity and we refined the visual and communicative expression especially in the imagery. Its structure and the interaction design were developed in close dialogue with Min Pension. The design was thoroughly tested by user interviews before the developing started.

New launches in sight
Maverick by Sigma continued to developing and designing a new prototype of My pages, namely the logged in sections. The new site will be fully responsive. The usability and accessibility issues have been of great importance, and we work together on it with our UX team from the Sigma UK office. A beta version will be released this summer, 2016.

Minpension.se is not just a website
The logged in parts of My pages on Minpension.se are those where you can view your retirement holdings. Here you can see what the state, the employer and yourself, if you have saved, paid into the pension system. In addition, one can make forecasts and simulate various retirement ages and the amount of pension you choose to withdraw if you were to retire part time. The same data is provided by Minpension.se to its partners. The Pension Authority and several other pension companies have chosen to integrate the service on their online pages. Maverick by Sigma designed the distributed pages so that it is clear that Min Pension is the sender. We work together with Min Pension in strategy and development with their partners.


Workshop, branding, visual identity, idea & concept, UX, interaction design, web design, photography, illustration and icon development.




Min Pension is continuously working on improvements and participating in the WSA surveys. The work has led to a high ranking among websites in the same field and resulted in several awards and nominations: Nominated for Best Site in the category ”Information and Service”, the Web Service Awards 2015-2014. Sweden’s best websites, nominated in the category of Insurance & Pension, Internet World 2010. Nominated for Best Site in the category ”Information and Service”, the Web Service Awards 2010-2009.