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Application design

Maverick by Sigma had the responsibility to create graphics, interaction design and tools for applications. The purpose was to promote an activity based working environment.

The application for Conference Room is displayed on an Ipad or Android mounted outside the conference room. The application tells you the available time slots and already made bookings, how many people the conference room is available for and information on the technical equipment, e.g. projector, telephone and video etc.

Get me a Room is an application installed on an iPhone or Android and give you the opportunity to access the service anytime and anywhere. The application supply you with the information on available conference rooms during your preferred time slot, how many people the meeting room is available for, and information on the technical equipment. We have noticed that people intend to choose the first alternative presented. Therefore, the meeting room with the least number of people is shown on the top of the list.

HomeBase is an application connected to Windows 8 and can only be installed on a PC with Windows 8.

Daily work at an office doesn’t longer need to be based to a physical workplace. On the contrary, it has changed to be more independent and more as an activity. Therefore, HomeBase will easily visualize your co-workers presence. A touch screen is placed in the office main area, and will show you all co-workers with name, picture, calendar and contact details. In addition to the above, a status for each co-worker will be shown on the screen and tell you, i.e. is he/she at the office or working from another base.


Applications for iPad, Android, iPhone to book conference rooms and an application for the PC that visualizes where employees are and when they are available.


iOS, Android, Windows 8
Objective C, Javascript, C# .NET
Integration with MS Exchange and MS Lync