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To introduce a MDM-system together with the users

The introduction of the new Master Data Management System (MDM) for Husqvarna, would have included a heavy workload for a number of people to be responsible for transferring existing data to the new system. It would also include a new way of working for all employees. Maverick by Sigma got the task to find a solution to implement the changes and at the same time let the employees be involved in the pre phase.

During a workshop, together with the project management team, we defined the people responsible for the transfer of existing data as our primary target group, and the people depending on the correct data, in other words all employees, as our secondary target group.

The solution was to highlight the primary target group as heroes for creating pride, and at the same time show an understanding for the consequence of heavy workload towards the secondary target group.

Husqvarna needed to gather all information, both questions and answers from the users’, to be able to give an understanding of the background and reason of the project. For that reason, we decided to build a campaign site in WordPress. The site informed and described the aim of the project, why the change was necessary within the organization and what it meant in matter of workload for the employees. The site also included descriptions from both the management team and colleagues, as well as information about the project. We referred to the campaign site through emails, banners on the intranet and internal fairs at every launch part of the project.


Communication strategy, communication plan, idea and concept, graphic guidelines, copy, frontend. Campaign web, film, banners, digital newsletters, etc.




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