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How to communicate the state of IT changes in a positive manner

In 2013, Volvo Group planned to implement major changes in seven IT services for their employees. Maverick by Sigma got the assignment to support within the communication towards the users. Instead of informing about the changes in a traditional way, we decided to attack the task as a marketing issue. We defined the users as customers and the new IT services as the product.

Our new approach and the communication we’ve developed, have not only reduced the IT support costs for Volvo Group, it also gave 60,000 users worldwide a better understanding and a greater confidence for their IT environment.

Maverick by Sigma started by getting to know the Volvo Group, the users and services ahead of launch. We did interviews with the project managers, communication managers and users. We held workshops to figure out the purpose and goal of the communication, but also to identify the target groups and their expectations.

When the assignment was clear enough for us, we started to create a communication strategy and plan, as well as ideas, concept and graphical guidelines for an internal campaign. As soon as we got the approval from Volvo Group, we started to produce the different parts of the campaign. Now, we can look back on an extensive production – three different campaign sites in SharePoint (Volvo Group’s intranet is built on SharePoint), commercials, banners, posters, sign holders, ringtones, roll-ups and digital newsletters. We did all we could to be able reach out to the users and make them curious about the new IT services.

Our communication concept also resulted in two awards at the Swedish Learning Awards 2014, in the categories of Best Innovation and Best Excellence Initiative.


Communication strategy, communication plan, idea and concept, graphic guidelines, copy, frontend. Campaign Web, film and audio production, banners, ringtones, digital newsletters, posters, table ads, roll-ups, etc.




Volvo Group


Swedish Learning Awards: Best Innovation and Best Excellence Initiative.


See a lecture about the project with the client from Volvo Group, or look at a shorter movie about the project. You can also read about the categories in the Swedish Learning Awards.