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We are partnering with Sigma UK to expand UX Design and Testing Services

Through long-term strategic investments, Sigma’s UK operation has become one of the leaders in UX design and testing. Usability testing is taken to a new level through the company’s mobile UX lab with, for example, continuous analysis and product optimization through lean and agile practices. Through a new collaborative arrangement, Maverick by Sigma can now provide this capability, technology and methodology for its Nordic clients.

Henrik Askervi, business unit manager for Sigma’s digital communication agency, is very positive about the new expanded services being delivered through the arrangement:

“We’ve worked with UX and testing for several years, and we’ve seen growth both when it comes to customer need and industry awareness. These approaches can definitely help our clients to protect their investments and deliver tangible business benefits. As a high-value service provider, this is one of our most important objectives.”

Extensive experience and expertise in UX

Sigma has provided innovative UX services to its customers for almost ten years and is internationally recognized as one of the leaders in the field. In the UK, Sigma has a leading position in the delivery of user research, experience design, accessibility and usability testing. The company runs a large, prestigious event annually called Camp Digital, bringing the latest thinking and some of the world’s top practitioners in UX together for a series of workshops and talks.

“Working together, our UX services are very strong,” says Henrik. “We have several teams with knowledgeable and committed UX consultants both in Sweden and the UK, and we have industry-leading methods and technical solutions that take digital product testing with users to an entirely new level.”

Professional lab environment for live testing and agile optimization

In Sigma’s test labs, UX designers and consultants not only record and observe user behaviours, they can also perform analyses in real time and implement improvements directly in a continuous optimization environment.

“The lab is also available with mobile equipment that can be moved out to our client environments, which can be very advantageous,” says Henrik. “Test scenarios are tailored to our clients’ needs and preferences under the guidance of our experts.”

Why is UX and user testing is so important?

With technology at their fingertips, customers’ expectations are very high and they have the power to move from one product or service provider to another quickly and easily. This is why businesses must put a premium on user engagement and optimize their products accordingly. It’s not enough to have an attractive offer and good content. When a customer visits a website, everything has to fall into place.

With this in mind, is there anything more important than the customer experience? Optimizing a website to deliver the best user experience is a matter of course for those in the know.

A successful design and development project maintains close contact with end users in every phase. Ultimately, we’re trying to create the best possible user experience, which requires a focus on structure, content, design and function. In the UX testing elements of the project you can really see how well you have performed. There is much to be gained by engaging product users directly and conducting full-scale UX testing.

Our specific services

We have invested heavily in developing research methods and tools to deliver the best representation of real world usage. Specific services include:

User research

  • User surveys, workshops and interviews
  • Ethnographic research
  • Eye tracking and observational testing
  • User journeys, personas and use case development
  • Accessibility and cross-browser testing
  • Card-sorting and information architecture testing
  • Lab-based, guerrilla and remote usability testing
  • Independent User Experience (UX) evaluations
  • Diary studies and longitudinal research

Analytics and Optimisation

  • User observation and site monitoring
  • Analytics set-up and management
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Assisted digital approaches and customer engagement platforms
  • A/B and split testing
  • Content strategy
  • Ongoing optimisation and support

Read more about Sigma UK here
For further information contact Henrik Askervi at Henrik.Askervi@sigma.se

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